Research lines

Soils, climate, and crop technology

  • Code AGR138
    Objective synoptic classification of air masses and circulation fields and the risks they pose for farming in the Humid Pampas region.
    Director: Coronel , Alejandra Silvia 
  • Code AGR179
    Cover crops, crops sequence, and tillage systems: sustainable alternatives for improving soil quality
    Director: Ferreras, Laura
  • Code AGR199
    Characterization of the physical condition of grazing lands on the basis of their cultural profile
    Director: Sosa, Oscar Armando

Plant-microorganism interactions

  • Code AGR4 Programa
    Microbial biodiversity associated with native and cultivated plant species
    Director: Salinas, Adriana
  • Code AGR184 / SECTEI Sta Fe
    Biophysiological studies of plant and microbial interactions and their application to sustainable plant production
    Director: Pioli, Rosanna Nora
  • Code AGR197
    Impact of glyphosate on the structure and oxidative activity of the soil’s microbial communities.
    Director: Gómez, Elena de Valle
  • Code ANPCYT
    Study of the impact of glyphosate on agroecosystems of the Pampas region using new tools for the analysis of microbial communities in the soil
    Director: Gómez, Elena de Valle

Plant Production and Ecophysiology of Crops (extensive and intensive systems)

  • Code AGR147
    Post-harvest damage and losses in vegetable retail: physical, economic, and technological assessment
    Director: Ferratto, Jorge
  • Code AGR149
    Monitoring and control of the Mediterranean fruti fly, Ceratitis capitata (Weidemann) and its relation with damage to peach trees in the Rosario Horticultural Belt, Province of Santa Fe
    Director: Moyano, Ma. Inés
  • AGR161
    Characterization of the transcript during development of Paspalum notatum seeds
    Director: Felitti, Silvina
  • AGR167
    Physisological and environmental factors affecting the regulation of soybean development: application to the crop’s improvement and management
    Director: Morandi, Eligio
  • AGR172
    Grain fill in corn: screening for molecular markers associated to different grain growth patterns and yield stability
    Director: Borras, Lucas
  • AGR177 / SECTEI Sta Fe
    Effects of sunflower (Helinathus annuus L.) defoliation on the physiological quality of achenes
    Director: Salinas, Adriana
  • AGR193
    Pre-harvest factors determining the chemical quality of artichoke (Cynara cardunculus var. Scolymus L.) varieties
    Director: García, Stella Maris
  • AGR194
    Evolution of the production of megatherm plants in the Central Pampas region
    Director: Sacido, Mónica
  • AGR208 / SECTEI Sta Fe
    Assessment of seeds and fruits quality using X ray
    Director: Salinas, Adriana Rita
  • AGR209
    Soybeans: selection of ecophysiological traits for improving efficiency in capture and use of environmental resources in sustainable intensive systems in the south of the Santa Fe Province
    Director: Martignone, Ricardo Antonio
    Development and growth of corn grains
    Director: Borrás, Lucas
    Biomass accumulation in the reproductive structure at flowering stage and its relation with number of grains in corn and sorghum
    Director: Gambín, Brenda
    Physiological and molecular aspects of the developmental regulation and plant-pathogen interaction, applied to soybean breeding.
    Director: Morandi, Eligio
    Genotypic diversity in strategies of resource capture and utilization during the critical period for seed number and seed size determination in soybean.
    Director: Rotundo, José
    Identification of QTLs associated to grain development and characterization of thier physiological effects.
    Director: Borrás, Lucas
    Strategies for accumulation and utilization of nitrogen in soybeans: impact on crop yield and implications for improvement
    Director: Borrás, Lucas
  • SECTEI Sta Fe
    Regulation of soybean development and their applications to plant breeding and crop management
    Director: Morandi, Eligio

Genetic Improvement and Plant Biotechnology

  • Code AGR131
    Conventional and non-conventional improvement of grain legumes
    Director: Cointry, Enrique
  • Code AGR133
    Phylogenetic resources of Cynara cardunculus
    Director: Cravero, Vanina
  • Code AGR163
    Quantitative, genomic and proteomic analysis of tomato fruit quality traits
    Director: Zorzoli, Roxana
  • Code AGR187
    Genetics of crops of regional importance
    Director: Picardi, Liliana
  • Code AGR189
    Determination of the molecular basis for apomixis in Paspalum notatum and development of a transformation platform for functional study of candidate genes
    Director: Ortiz, Juan Pablo Amelio
  • Code AGR195
    Biotechnology and biodiversity in horticultural species
    Director: Cravero, Vanina
  • Code AGR196 / SECTEI Sta Fe
    Study of the biochemical and molecular bases of glyphosate resistance in Johnson grass and other weeds of agricultural importance
    Director: Permingeat, Hugo Raúl
  • Code AGR198
    Genotypic characterization of Spartina spartinae (= Spartina argentinensis)–Poaceae material. Genetic structure and mating system.
    Director: Bianchi, Marta Beatriz
  • Code AGR205
    In vitro and field culture of Salvia hispanica L
    Director: Busilacchi, Héctor Abel
  • Code AGR213
    Effects of genotype-environment interactions on yield and quality of cereal crops
    Director: González, Mirian del Pilar
  • Code AGR214
    Application of biocomputing tools for identifying candidate genes implied in the flower signalling pathway in soybeans and its relationship with the juvenile gene
    Director: Cairo, Carlos Alberto
  • Code CIUNR
    Development of in vitro cultural techniques for the improvement of agronomically important species
    Director: Severin Cecilia
  • Code CIUNR
    Development of heritable variability in Lycopersicon and Helianthus using I) in vitro selection; II) intervarietal and interspecific hybridization
    Director: Zorzoli, Roxana
  • Code CONICET
    Creation of a Cynara cardunculus L core collection.
    Director: Cravero, Vanina
  • Code CONICET
    Molecular and functional characterization of genes involved in apomixis in Paspalum notatum
    Director: Felitti, Silvina
  • Code CONICET
    Genetic and molecular characterization of apomixis in the genus Paspalum
    Director: Ortiz, Juan Pablo
  • Code CONICET
    Studies on the molecular genetics of apomixis applied to plant breeding
    Director: Pessino, Silvina
  • Code CONICET
    Contribution of wild tomato genotypes to extend post-harvest life of the fruit
    Director: Pratta, Guillermo
  • Code CONICET
    Proteomic analysis in tomato fruit: study of ripening process
    Director: Vega, Tatiana
  • Code ANPCYT
    Improvement of horticultural species
    Director: Cointry, Enrique
  • Code ANPCYT
    Genetic improvement of tomato fruit assisted by molecular markers: QTL mapping for fruit quality and longer post-harvest life
    Director: Zorzoli, Roxana
  • Code SECTEI –Sta Fe
    Clonning genes of basidiomycetes ligninolytic enzymes for use in the production of second generation bioethanol
    Director: Permingeat, Hugo

Plant Protection

  • Code AGR153
    Resistance to imidazolinones in the sunflower: phenotypic, biochemical and AHAS gene expression assessment
    Director: Nestares, Graciela
  • Code AGR185
    Study of genetic variability in plant-pathogen interaction and search for resistance to plant diseases
    Director: Pioli, Rosanna Nora
  • Code AGR188
    Weed biology and control in agroecosystems of the main soybean producing region
    Director: Puricelli, Eduardo
  • Code AGR201
    Bases for a sustainable use of herbicides in agroecosystems
    Director: Leguizamón, Eduardo Sixto
  • Code CIUNR
    Effects of a wide range of herbicide doses on the population dynamics of annual weeds in soybeans.
    Director: Faccini, Delma
  • Code CIUNR
    Characterization of resistance and virulence factors in host-pathogen interactions in cereal crops
    Director: González, Mirian del Pilar
  • Code CIUNR
    Factors affecting arthropod abundance in agroecosystems
    Director: Lietti, Marcela María Magdalena
  • Code CIUNR
    Impact of chemical and cultural management practices on annual weeds
    Director: Puricelli, Eduardo
  • Code CIUNR
    Analysis of changes in the weed communities of the main soybean producing region in Argentina
    Director: Tuesca, Daniel
  • Code SECTEI Sta Fe
    Integrated management of the cabbage moth, Plutella xylostella (L) in rapeseed: Population fluctuation, hosts and parasites
    Director: Lietti, Marcela María Magdalena

Animal Production

  • Code AGR166
    Heat stress in Holando Argentino cows
    Director: Muñoz, Griselda
  • Code AGR170
    Changes in sustainability in a group of dairy farms in the sphere of influence of the College of Agricultural Sciences (UNR) during the last three decades
    Director: Álvarez , Hugo Jorge
  • Code AGR176
    Prospective study of beef cattle production systems
    Director: Ramírez, Liliana
  • Code AGR178
    Pre-slaughter factors affecting the quality of swine meat and carcass
    Director: Campagna, Daniel
  • Code AGR190
    Sustainability of integrated crop-livestock systems in the south of Santa Fe
    Director: Galli, Julio Ricardo
  • Code AGR204
    Strategies for increasing forage availability in low-lying alkaline soils in the south of Santa Fe (Argentina) through the introduction of Chloris gayana
    Director: Martín, Beatriz
  • Code CIUNR
    Productivity traits in sheep
    Director: Picardi, Liliana

Agriculture and environment

  • Code AGR165
    Multiplication of native species of economic and conservation value
    Director: Carnevale, Nélida
  • Code AGR168
    Ecological aspects of the vegetation in the J. F. villarino Park
    Director: Franceschi, Eduardo Andrés
  • Code AGR169
    Numerical methods for vegetation studies
    Director: Torres, Patricia Susana
  • Code AGR171
    Phylogenetic and phytogeographical study of the genus Shinopsis (Anacaridiaceae)
    Director: Prado, Darién
  • Code AGR174
    Bioecology of Eryngium eburneum and Dipsacus fullonum in agroecosystems in the south east of Santa Fe
    Director: Montero, Guillermo
  • Code AGR192
    Territorial management of a farming region in Santa Fe, Argentina
    Director: Montico, Sergio
  • Code AGR200
    Ecological, floristic, and taxonomic studies on the vegetation of the Humid Chaco
    Director: Prado, Darién Eros
  • Code AGR210
    Structure and dynamics of ecosystems in the “Chaco-pampeana” plains
    Director: Carnevale, Nélida Josefina
  • Code AGR212
    Variability in production environments under site-specific and precision agriculture management
    Director: Di Leo, Néstor Cristian
  • Code CIUNR
    Studies on late-acting self-incompatibility (LSI) in species from the Bignoniaceae and Bombacaceae families
    Director: Bianchi, Marta
  • Code CIUNR
    Ecophysiology of halophyte communities in the province of santa Fe
    Director: Feldman, Susana Raquel
  • Code CONICET
    Woody species regeneration in forests of the Wet Chaco
    Director: Barberis, Ignacio
  • Code CONICET
    Vegetation in the Province of Santa Fe: dynamics and development of plant communities
    Director: Pire, Eduardo
  • Code CONICET
    Critical analysis of the phytogeography of South America
    Director: Prado, Darién
  • Code CONICET
    Reproductive biology of two woody communities in the province of Santa Fe
    Director: Vesprini, José


  • Code AGR155
    Feasibility of achieving competitive advantage in small and medium flower production operations in the Rosario Belt
    Director: Zuliani, Susana
  • Code AGR158
    Articulation of knowledge systems for finding alternatives for the problems of intensive agricultural operations
    Director: Rosenstein, Susana
  • Code AGR175
    Influence of the U.S. monetary policy on the prices of agricultural commodities
    Director: Ramírez, Liliana
  • Code AGR202
    Scope and challenges of a territorial pact aimed at local development: a case-study of an agricultural town in the south of Santa Fe
    Director:  Propersi, Patricia
  • Code ANPCYT
    Landscape transformation and technological innovation. The new challenges for urban-rural integration in southern santa Fe
    Director: Cloquell, Silvia


  • Code AGR145
    Study and comparison of diferent types of academic texts (Biological and Social Sciences) using multivariate statistical analysis
    Director: Beltrán, Celina
  • Code AGR160
    Tutorship practices at the College of Agricultural Sciences, Rosario National University
    Director: Cavalli, Ada
  • Code AGR173
    Learning approached through competence development in the Animal Nutrition subject at the College of Agricultural Sciences (Rosario National University): Introduction of problem-based learning (PBL)
    Director: Martínez, Stella Maris
  • Code AGR191
    Study of the influence of classroom work on students’ understanding
    Director: Liberatti, Ana María


  • Code AGR162
    Sustainable bioethanol production from rangelands
    Director: Feldman , Susana Raquel
  • Code AGR164
    Bioremediation of diesel-polluted soils
    Director: Feldman , Susana Raquel
  • Code AGR206
    Endophytic fungi in forage species: their potential as producers of bioactive metabolites
    Director: Felitti, Silvina Andrea
  • Code AGR182
    Improvement of the immune system of Apis mellífera L using strains of Aerobic Actinomycetales
    Director: Puricelli, Eduardo



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